Welcome To My BrainStorm Research

I created this page and the ones that follow so that others who want to learn more about BrainStorm's NurOwn stem cell treatment can take advantage of what I've already unearthed. I hope this can provide a thorough summary of the treatment technology and process from an ALS patient's perspective.

After my diagnosis in January, 2017, my wife and I researched all the possible treatments and developments in ALS research, as does nearly every ALS patient. I’ve seen the segments on TV, where they expose the “miracle cure” clinics that prey on desperation and basically just steal your money. There are a lot of claims about diets and treatments that are not backed up by real science. I’m an engineer, and I needed to see real proof of effectiveness before considering a potential treatment. 

During this research I found that BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics had a very promising potential stem cell treatment. BrainStorm had already completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 FDA-registered clinical trials with measurable positive results based on their NurOwn® technology and they were planning to start a Phase 3 clinical trial in the second half of 2017. Additionally, BrainStorm also mentioned that a for-fee treatment option would be available under a hospital exemption program at some point. The Phase 3 clinical trial was going to be held at multiple hospital sites in the U.S., while the for-fee treatment option was expected to be offered at a hospital in Israel, although timing and details on that option were limited. Rather than wait for the uncertain availability of the for-free treatment, I decided to pursue involvement in the Phase 3 clinical trial as early as possible. 

The NurOwn® Technology

If the term "stem cells" just isn't enough to satisfy you, here's all the details you'll ever want to know. 

Find out more about how NurOwn® works

The NurOwn® Results: Phase 1 & 2 Clinical Trials

These trials have been completed, and the data was promising enough to continue on to Phase 3.

Find out more about trials 1 & 2

The NurOwn® Phase 3 Trial

It's currently in progress at 6 sites in the U.S. Here's the latest information about the trial design and protocol.

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My Personal NurOwn Phase 3 Trial Experience

Where did I get all this info? I've been living in this trial for well over a year, no thanks to a frustrating pit stop in the DVT zone.

Find out more about my trial experience