Help Make it Happen in Summer 2019!


The Inspiration

On May 25, 2018, with my closest friends visiting us from out of town (all the way from the great state of Michigan), I had an inspiration. It happened while I was pulling Coke cans out of a case-cans that read  "Soulmate" and "Legend" and "Grillmaster." What I wanted at that instant more than anything was to pull out a can that read "ALS Fighter."  

The Goal

You've probably seen the customized Coke cans and bottles in stores during the last few summers. The goal I came up with is simple: To convince The Coca-Cola Company to label just 5% of the bottles and cans they produce in the U.S. and Canada during one week with "ALS Fighter." Four years after the Ice Bucket Challenge, the disease of ALS is still devastating lives with the same ferocity, and those with it and those who care are fighting back just as hard. I want to remind everyone that this fight continues.

Spreading the Word

I enlisted my talented sister-in-law to create the graphic images for viral-ready sharing. Along with that I created the Coke ALS Fighter Facebook Page.  I hope Coca-Cola can understand the use of their imagery is necessary to convey this idea, and I apologize in advance for the liberties we've taken. This is strictly an awareness campaign-I'm not asking for donations, I'm only asking for shares, likes, posts, tweets, or whatever else it takes to get the attention of a Coca-Cola executive with the authority to greenlight this project. The original invite to join the Coke ALS Fighter Challenge has already reached over 176,000 people on Facebook.

Making it More Interactive

Many people shared the invite in honor of someone who is fighting ALS, or who has completed his or her fight. Those comments inspired an idea to take this challenge to another level. I made the companion Share an ALS Fighter Coke Facebook Page  along with a video post as an example that we hope will encourage YOU to make your own! We've given some guidance in the first post on the page. You can see examples there too.

Latest Progress

We got started a little late in the summer of 2018 to make it happen this year, so we are keeping the momentum up to make it happen during the summer of 2019! And if you work for Coca-Cola and would like to support this effort, please contact me!